Regional Council Members

A new fire has been lit, a spark from the beginning, ignited and
fanned into flame, the smoke rises to the Creator in respect, as we
share this fire, present in our hearts with our brothers and sisters,
we see the spirit of Cherokee Nation being rekindled here in
California . The fire in Oklahoma we can see, but the distance is too
great to travel to get warm, we must gather around this fire here,
kindled from the same source.

Each of you shared this vision tonight, seeing each of you bring
wood to stoke this fire inspired me, if not all the Cherokee Nation
Candidate Delegates. We heard tonight how our activities are
rekindling the spirit of Nation in Oklahoma and throughout the
United States.

Someone asked me today why I picked up a rock, I told them the
rock called to me, they did not understand, you do. In the same way
the Nation calls to you as it calls to all of us. As we heed this call of
our Nation, we must move forward. It will not be easy, it is not the
path of least resistance, but then again we have never taken that
path, this is the path of our ancestors, this is the path of destiny,
the path of unity with the Creator, with each other and with our

Imagine, if we can do this in 3 weeks, there are no limits on what we
can do when we allow this fire to be our guide.
A link has been forged between Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee
Satellite Communities here in Central and Southern California. The
pathways for future community involvement became evident; we
can share the pride in being part of making Cherokee presence a
reality in California.

A communication pathway must be established to provide
information regarding regional events to the councils, community
members and communities at large. This as we could see from our
organizational efforts is common the Cherokee Nation as well.

Charles Twist
By Charles Twist