Neither the Cherokee Nation nor the Cherokee Community of Central
California does genealogy researching. Information and links below
are NOT MAINTAINED BY the Cherokee Nation. Other locations for
information on Genealogical research may be found on the Internet as
well. Remember that there is a great satisfaction in doing the research
yourself, and remember the burden of proof lies with you, the
applicant. Good luck in your research.

For further information or to receive the application(s) by snail mail,
please contact the Registration Department at or 918-453-5575.
The Cherokee Heritage Center also has a genealogist available to
assist people in researching their Cherokee ancestry for a fee. :

The Cherokee FIRST program has a volunteer initiative for free
Dawes Roll lookups by email. You may send Roll look up requests to

Tribal Registration
Frequently Asked Question - FAQ's

What is a C.D.I.B. / White Card?
C.D.I.B. stands for Certificate Degree of Indian Blood.
The CDIB is also referred to as the 'White Card'.

What is a Blue Card / Citizenship Card?
The Blue Card is Citizenship to the Cherokee Nation. You have to apply for citizenship

What is a Voter Picture ID?
This is no longer given or used.
You do not need a voter picture ID to vote.
Please call the Election Commission for any concerns or questions about voting      
(918/458-5899 or toll free 1-800-353-2895)

Can I send Photo copies of documentation with my application by mail?
NO, you must send original documentation (originals will be mailed back to you).
You may bring in originals and a copy will be made for files (we do not keep the originals).

Can I get a CDIB card through Cherokee Nation from another Tribe?
NO, you may not apply for a CDIB card for another tribe through Cherokee Nation

Can I vote with my Blue Card?
NO, the blue card is a citizenship card only. You may not vote with the blue card.

Am I eligible to vote now that I am registered with the Cherokee Nation?
NO, You must be 18 years of age or older w/CDIB and Citizenship card.
You MUST fill out a voter application (Refer to 99 Election Commission)
You are not automatically eligible to vote unless the above criteria is met.


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